A Hassle-Free Fundraiser to Sustain a Thriving Environment for Our School

*  To participate, click the link below to donate. No need to sell anything!
*  100% of your donation goes to our school.  Donations are tax deductible.
*  The campaign will run 10/8 - 10/19.
*  This is a CONTEST!  The top grade-level will win a Kona Ice Party, and the top individual students will win a Special Celebration with the Principals.
Furthermore, if we reach our $25,000 goal, we will have a school-wide Super Ice-Cream Sundae Celebration!  




Thank you to the families listed below who have already contributed to Friends of Creekside. We appreciate each and every one of you for helping our school continue to thrive!


Cougar Champions  

 Galinsky Family

Krueger Family


Top Cats

Anderson Family 

Blunt Family

Bollinger Family

Bridenstine Family

Carlson Family

Ferfon Family

Loftus family

Mason Mitchell

Romero Torres Family

Anonymous (1)


Forest Friends

Adam, Michael & Lauren Leigh

Allen Family

Araoz Suarez Family

Bishop Sanders

Christaldi Family

Ganucheau Family

Kasumov Family

Leigh Family

Meermann Family

Mitchell Family

Mixon Family

Morrow Family

Newman Family

Pemberton Family


Robertson Family

Scelfo Family

Schwertner Family

Steward family

Williams Family

Anonymous (2)


Cub Club


Chipley Family

Cowham Family

Dayton Shirley

Hubard Family

McHaney Family

Trabue Family

Anonymous (4)





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